Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Order Flow Can't Break - More Details about Training

I am humbled by the overwhelming response to Yesterday's post and an email is going out today or tomorrow to those that responded, with lots of information. We are holding a place for all those that indicated they want to participate. There will be another blog page that will be available shortly where you can sign up officially, etc.

I had a comment overnight asking me if I wasn't concerned about teaching how I trade to others in case it "stopped working".

Order flow can't break. I have no secret squirrel super duper indicator. What I do have is techniques. Techniques that allow me to follow the direction of the money and how hard it is being pumped. The way I do it is certainly not the only way to "see" the same information, but it is for me, a clear and easy way to determine what the nett market participants are doing. Order flow is order flow and momentum is momentum - the basis of the markets and while markets exist, these things are its ever present components and must always be there. Learning to "see" this is a matter of learning how - getting the right kind of spectacles with the right lenses may be a good analogy, with a guide to show you what parts of the picture to focus on.

The Training: The theory that I teach on the week-ends will be during the U.S. Eastern time zone. We will start at 8am EST each Saturday and Sunday of training days. For the Monday to Friday sessions I will start at 7am London time which is 2 am U.S. EST (New York time). We will be dealing with whatever the market is showing us. If you are not there at 7am it does not matter as we will go on until 9pm London time which is 4 pm U.S. EST so we will get all the market types and setups plenty of times during those live training sessions over the two weeks. We will look at any major futures market participants are interested in.

If you have to go to a job you can tune in live before or after work and then catch up by looking at the live recordings. The recorded video files will be  pretty big but Kiki will try and make them available straight after the close of the training sessions so that those of you who want to, can review the day again before the next day's session. This is subject to technological restraints but that is the intention.

If you can only attend one of the weeks, you get a price break but have access to ALL the recorded training PLUS the 90 days mentoring. I'll give a price break to $4000 but your log on to the room will only work for the one week you specify. I want to give everyone the opportunity to participate and also maximise my contribution to my charities.

Participants will have all their questions answered during the live training and they can also email anything they think of afterward and we will deal with them the next session.

This will be an all out effort by me to share all my trading knowledge and experience and NOTHING will be held back. As a once only offering, I want to make sure that everybody who participates gets what they need to get to CP. I expect you ALL to become consistently profitable if you follow what is taught and do your part, which we will discuss in the training. This won't be easy but it is the necessary road to CP but it's up to you to follow it.

Light Crude - CL -rotated either side of the the support and resistance line - the 33EMA. My trades were outside in and inside out - scalping mode. This is one of the things I'll teach in the training as it's hard to do in writing.


  1. I notice that your traded markets vary a great deal. How you do choose the market you trade that day? Thanks

  2. 25 tick range bars, did you back test your methods using any smaller sizes?

  3. Anon 22:10, I have a number of monitors with charts for different markets open. When a market is slow, I look for one that is active. Sadly, unless I have the chart actually open on a monitor, I'll miss the move.
    Anon 22:47, Usually a 10 tick range bar works better for CL. However, during consolidations I look at the market in various ways. That chart was on the 25 tick range when I took the picture.