Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Day at the Office

Today's ES trades were very straight forward.

It started with the Gap Trade and then just kept going. The 10 Point Buck was hit in the first hour with the Initial Balance (IB) almost mirroring yesterday's RTH Profile. There was ample opportunity to re-sell the scale outs. Trade #1 was the initial Gap Trade entry and Trades #2 and #3 allowed me to re-sell what I had scaled out of and return my position to its original size.

After we got to the low of yesterday's Profile, there was the single print to get through and then the POC below. The single print held the downward spiral.


  1. Hi,EL,
    Dancing in such a beautiful subtle rhythm. Looking your trades likes appreciating an art performance. Maybe discretionary trading is really a half art.
    How could I do it? Every time I reasoned, I lost.:)
    I appreciate.


  2. Hi EL,

    I'm new to your blog have been learning to trade this contract now for sometime. I here in NYC. I trade with Rob Baker who first turned me on to your blog.

    Your thoughts regarding learning how to trade truly strike a positve chord with me and I realize perhaps I've been doing it wrong for so long. May be my past career history when I was a stock broker with Smith Barney.

    So, you have an eager - and committed new trader follower here

    With regard to the CCI, could you give me your settings again? You did say in your blog that you use 45 and 6 superimposed. But I put them up on my TS charts and they don't seem to look like yours. In fact, the normal settings of 14,9 resemble yours more. Maybe I'm not superimposing them enough. Currently we use a Macd which seems to do the job pretty well.


    Mike (Martin)

  3. Mike, the usual are 45/6 but sometimes I switch to 45/9 if I want to get rid of a bit of chop and see the short term momentum more clearly. Play are ound with the numbers if you think a different view suits you better. The CCI is nothing more than an EMA but the way that it displays as a CCI gives some extra info to me. The trick is to get the best interplay between the 2 CCI settings so you can compare the shorter and longer term momo.