Friday, 4 June 2010

Very Interesting.....

Training Update - Free Place: The person who is getting the free training has been chosen and has been informed. If you have not heard from me then it was not you.  It was a very hard choice as the criteria was based on the chances of the person succeeding with limited capital. I have an undertaking that they won't start trading live until they have been consistently profitable in SIM for 3 months.

As the choice was so hard and there were others that were a very close second, I'm going to provide 5 other people, who had asked to be considered for free training, with a set of the videos we record and email support if the videos are up to the quality I want. These people will be informed over the weekend.

Back to Biz:
Years ago there was a TV show that gave birth to Goldie Hawn and was a lot of fun. It was called LAUGH IN. There was another character with a German accent, I think, who always said: "very interesting". Just like this market.

"They", or should I say "we" started selling this morning in London when we figured out that whatever the job report said, it would be sold as everyone was long on the anticipation.

The number came out with a whimper and the market tanked. What a coincidence that it was stopped by the VAH of June 1st.  This stuff is not hard if you create a vision of the possibilities so you are ready when a plan comes together, as Hannibal used to say.

RTH opened and I bought 1080.25, scaled out at the low of the tail of the split of 2 June at 1082.25. Then came the ride up the zipper. 1084.25 was a volume congestion which was a logical scale point. Looking for 1089.00 on the balance. I now had a free riskless trade with a stop at break even + 1 tick. Jackie Gleeson said it: "How sweet it is."  Order flow turned around 1085.00 so I bailed but with a view to buy back if the 33EMA held and order flow confirmed.

Well, it worked, a couple of times and then I was finished for the day. My father used to say, "It's not how long you work, but how smart". This stuff can be learned as Kiki has shown. I have another daughter who has had no wish to trade, now taking a little more interest. We'll see, I'm not as sure with her as I was with Kiki as my other daughter's disposition is a bit more high strung.


  1. Hello Tom how many people will be in the training?

  2. Hi Tom,

    You mentioned above the term "limited capital" and I was wondering if you could expand a bit on this. Knowing what you do about your method, risk tolerance, etc, if someone were to successfully learn your method and was consistent in their risk tolerance as you are, what amount of "capital" might they need to earn on average say $1000 per day, before commissions, etc.? Thank you very much for giving back to the trading community Tom, I have learned a lot from your Blog and generosity.