Monday, 5 July 2010

4th July Week-end

No chart today.

I had one trade in the ESTX50 (Dow Euro for those that don't trade it). I sold 2524 and bought 2509. I then went to meet one of the guys who will be attending the training. He was flying through London on the way back to the States and we had a coffee together in Sloane Square, in between his planes.

The people attending the training seem like a bright and motivated group. I have spoken to some on the phone and others only by email. I have great expectations for everyone.

I have sent out all the invitations to the subscribed training attendees so if you haven't got yours, please email me immediately. There are a couple of people still in the process of subscribing and you will get your invitations when you have completed that process.

And a special congratulations to one of the attendees whose wife just had a baby girl.  

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  1. Hello Tom,
    As a veteran of the trading floors, you may have a look on this....

    have a great trading day.