Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Free Sept. 23rd Webinar Details AND What a difference an Hour Makes


As I said yesterday, I am doing a free webinar for Infinity Futures on September 23rd. Here is the link for signing up:

This will be a webinar that lasts about an hour and is designed to show traders how I teach them to learn to trade. I'll be going through the training steps by using one of my trading pictures as an example. There are 12 long and 12 short pictures that I currently trade and teach and am adding more from time to time.

To be consistently profitable requires a learning process that inserts a lot of information into your "muscle memory" in your brain. The process I use is designed to give you that muscle memory IF the trader does the immense amount of work that is needed. I will show in the webinar what type of work you need to do to help you achieve this muscle memory.

While this webinar will be informative, it's just an hour, and only will give you a small taste of what you will learn in the EL MarketDelta seminar in Chicago or from the DVDs.

And now for today's trading.

What a difference an hour makes. I was trading the Euro FX  from the short side in the London morning. then the numbers came out in the U.S. and it was all change. Watch the vid.

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