Monday, 13 September 2010

Mind the NoGap and Free Webinar

One of the things that I taught Kiki and the other traders is the importance of envisioning.

Part of each day's prep is creating a vision of how I see the market unfolding. I use this vision to see the possibilities and to see the pictures that I trade more clearly.

This pays huge dividends on most days especially ones like today in the ES.

My vision for the ES today was bullish and as the London morning unfolded I believed it more and more. Don't get me wrong. I'm ready to amend my vision as the market becomes clearer, this vision is not written in stone. More written in butter. I can smooth it over and start again.

Today, as you can see from the vid, there was no ambiguity. The final clue for the RTH only traders was the fact that just before the RTH open, the price pushed through the POC resistance (which became support) that you can see on my RTH Market profile chart on the left. Watch the vid!


Those of you who want to hear directly from me how I trade, and the steps that I used to teach Kiki and another 25 traders to learn my methods, will have the chance on September 23rd. Infinity Futures have asked me to do a session after the close of the RTH ES market.

I will be showing what you need to do to get to Consistent Profitability (CP) - all the steps - exactly what needs to be done. I will show one of my pictures (setup plus nuances) and how to trade it = how to learn it.

I want to repeat what I said almost a year ago in this blog: I believe that most people can learn how to trade if they are taught the right way to learn, and I don't mean just the setups. The process of learning is crucial to CP. I believe unless someone goes through all the detailed steps of learning and believing, they will have difficulty in maintaining the focus and discipline needed for CP.

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  1. Hello EL,

    It seems recently you have changed your chart indicators. It would be great if you could share your latest chart setting for MD


  2. Anon, my indicators haven't changed. Sometimes you may see stuff in a chart I'm testing. They are still the 2 EMAs, the 2 CCIs, the VB, VWAP, CVD and MOM Dots.

  3. I will definitely attend your webinar on the 23rd, I'm already signed up. But, that OTC group has a lot of webinars, and they are all just commercials. I don't attend them anymore, I just hope yours isn't going to be the same. I have a ton of respect for you and your method, and will continue to read your fine blog every day.
    Thanks always,

  4. Brandon, you can't expect a huge amount from a 1 hour webinar. I'm posting more details in the next post about what I am going to cover but you will definitely learn from it and it will be worth your time.