Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to Become Consistently Profitable

Becoming CP is the goal of every new trader. I'm going to show exactly how to do that in a free webinar today after the close of the NY Stock Markets - 4.30pm in NY, 9.30pm in London. If you would like to join us, then click on this link:

As I have said over and over, becoming CP is not only what you learn but how you learn it. I will be illustrating this whole process using just one of the pictures that I trade. To be a wholly discretionary trader, I need a whole bunch of arrows in my quiver - inside out trades and outside in trades - in order to manage and profit from all the trades that the markets have to offer.

Hope to see you there.

Today I traded only the London morning, as I had to prepare for the webinar. It was the Euro FX again and it was a happy little ATM machine. See the vid.


  1. really helpful webinar - many thanks.

    might call a child after thee. lets see: ".....electronic local, come in for your tea, now!" Mmm? might be ok. might get questioned about name at school though, would make him/her pretty tough i guess. ha ha - wee bit of fun with that idea.

  2. Hi EL,
    I had registered, but was unable to be at the webinar, can you tell me if it will be available for replay?