Friday, 24 September 2010

Thanks for Coming

I had a great time at the webinar yesterday. The room count was up to 317. WOW!! I hope you all benefited. I set out how I do the Gap Trade, as well as how a trader needs to train his muscle memory so that trade recognition and trade execution can take place almost without thought. There were a bunch of questions I did not answer, as we ran out of time and the room was going to be used by someone else. However, I'll try and answer them over the week-end and post the answers here.

As far as the recoding of the event is concerned, we have some sound issues and Kiki is going to try to work her magic and resolve them so we can post it here on the blog. Watch this space.

Today the market opened more than 12 points up from yesterday's close. I was looking to trade the Gap. It didn't happen. You can see how I traded it in the video today. I call these failures the Anti-Gap Trade. It's like Sherlock Holmes said about the dog that didn't bark during the night - what doesn't happen can tell you almost as much as what does.


  1. Very well done. That was well thought out and to the point, and you didn't hold nothin back. Just wanted to give you a thank you and hats off.

  2. Hi,Tom,

    Thanks for your wonderful Webinar and post,especially honestly showing your imperfect trades. Sometimes, I thought that knowing your imperfect trades even more helpful. :)
    Thanks again and Have a nice weekend.


  3. Thank you good sir. Your approach of building a quiver of trades one "picture" at a time is of the highest value.