Thursday, 14 October 2010

France and Chicago, and Flo

Candace and I are headed back to our place in France on Sunday to do the final prep for the MarketDelta seminar which we are delivering starting on Sunday 24th October. There's still some work to do. The overall curriculum is set but the detailed charts and other things still need to be completed.

We head for Geneva, Illinois on Friday. One of my oldest friends has a birthday - a pretty big round number - and we are celebrating that on Saturday in Chicago. That was the original reason for the trip when MarketDelta asked me to do a seminar.

The Wednesday morning following the seminar we, meaning all the students, Candace and I, are heading for the Merc floor to watch the S and P bigs open. I haven't been on the floor since 1993 in London but not trading on the floor since 1991. Candace hasn't ever been on the floor which is why I'm really going. While I liked my time as a local, the floor is not really a very nice place. It brought out the worst in all of us. Spitting in people's faces, fights and the urban legend of the local who dropped dead of a heart attack. The other locals  were said to be stuffing his pockets full of trading cards showing the dead local buying the high of the day from them.

Even I lost it once. I actually punched a guy in the face and didn't get fined. He was after my spot in the pit and had someone call me out of the pit by making me think one of my kids had had an accident. I went ape sh*t. The obeservers just calmed me down and that was the end of it. Could have cost me big ££££ in fines.

I've shown what Flo has been up to the last few days. This is the DAX, the German stock index..and the stats for Flo for the least few days.


  1. jenrique42

    since I see that often operate in the FDAX I could say how many ticks have their bars?

    and another question, on days like that are happening now, we climbed, and then keep up, or also on the contrary, when we have a downtrend, as does the preparation of the session?, I ask because they do not have references of days for me is an unknown quantity

  2. jenerique42, The DAX range bars are 5.5 points (11 ticks). I start the day with a vision of where I expect the market to go. If I am wrong, I adjust my expectations. I trade the order flow and momentum.