Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Birthday to the Blog

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Today is the blog's first birthday!

I can't believe where the blog has gone since that day one year ago when I sat down to chronicle Kiki's progress to CP. 

Then the blog started to take on a life of it's own. Lot's of you interacted through comments and email and told me how the blog had helped you to or towards CP. This gave me the incentive to keep things going way past where I had first intended.

Lot's of you asked for more help - mentoring. I took this on and was rewarded by the progress that the students made.

We have recently launched an ElectronicLocal Google group which we will be moving to an EL forum in the new year. There will also be some other interesting developments in the new year. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, back at the right side of the chart, today....

It was a DAX afternoon. Just a few hours of trading today as I had a lot of running around to do before I go to France on Sunday, and then to the States. Chicago, Chicago is really my kinda town.


  1. Thank you for the first year! While I do not use the El method of trading the blog has been really important for my progress as a trader. When I started reading the blog I was CP and made N. Today I am even more cp than before and make 3xN each day. I think it depends on several factors but your blog is definitely one of them.

    In the beginning it was about the money, but today it´s more about getting to play the game. And I´ve used the money to buy way better equipment which is motivating as well as profitable.

    I think maybe more than anything I´ve seen in this blog what is possible. It is all a matter of devising the plan and then sticking to it. And above all devising the plan has really given me singleness of purpose, which in turn has resulted in a discipline I did not know that I had in me.

    Thank you, and good luck with everything!


  2. Paul, I'm glad that the blog helped. If you can imagine and see what is possible then you can work to achieve that goal as you did. Your story is a great inspiration to others. Thanks for telling us about it.

  3. Happy Birthday !


  4. Belated anniversary greetings to the blog and one year of toil for Tom, Kiki and other members of the EL Team for the immense benefit of all traders. I concur with Paul, as I am in the same category. Although I use Market Profile, I do not use EL order flow methodology. Demonstration of what is possible and the goal (& proof) of consistency) have been great motivators and discipline makers. These are important as trading is a profession more akin to professions like sports & arts which are performance and execution based. As a matter of fact, EL used to post a table of trades with P&L below the marked up chart, which I sorely miss. (Tom explained it was a hassle, so I understand its absence.)

    Google Group/Forum is good news. I hope that they are open to all. exELlent work by the team, Thanks.

  5. Hi Geo, Thank you very much. I'm pleased that the blog is both helpful and appreciated. Marked up charts and P&L is coming back after the Chicago seminar. Preparing for that and mentoring the guys from the July training has filled my non trading hours. Candace has taken over all the blog and student admin so I will be able to concentrate on trading, the blog and mentoring.


  7. Hi EL thank you for
    nice blog,nice study DVDs and sweet "dogs assistant" barking in background.It always made me laugh. So keep it up and more power to your elbow.

  8. Is it possible for you to trade without indicators or are you not that experienced yet?

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes all!!

    Anon 20:06, why on earth would I want to trade with no indicatots when with indicators I have over a 75% win rate and great profitability. Indicators are GOOD. They do NOT lag. They provide real time information you can process to make more correct and quick decisions. I can trade without any indicators, it's just that with indicators I can trade more profitably.