Monday, 8 November 2010

Euro is still rockin'

We had a little snow at the top of the mountains here in France today. I can hardly wait for the ski season to start! I'm planning to work for a couple of hours each day in the Euro and then ski till the RTH opens at 3.30pm French time, trading the first two hours of that. Anyway, that's the plan, let's see how it works out. Season passes go on sale in 5 days.

When I woke up early this morning there was an email from one of the guys from the webinar who I enjoy swapping emails with. He had already had some fun in the Euro, as he's on the U.S. west coast.  You can see how great the market was, and I continued in his wake and had some great trades before I had to go and buy beds.

As we spend at least a third of our life in bed, we have researched mattresses and finally, to my great surprise, found that the most comfortable was a particular mattress with memory foam on top that is made by IKEA. Mrs. EL is not a fan of IKEA in general, but these mattresses are great and we bought them for everyone in the family to sleep on when they are here. Anyway, here are the trades.


  1. Wed Nov 10 19:20:37 GMT 2010

    Hi EL,

    Speaking of the webinar, and update as to when the recording will be available?

    Many thanks.

  2. Anon 20:37, they went overnight to MarketDelta and they are sending them on.