Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday's Child

I traded for only a very short time in the morning and missed the ES Gap trade  :-(   but I made up for it as the Euro broke down a little.

Trade 2 was a smaller size, due to context, but I topped it up to 100% at trade 3. Managing risk to trade size to context is very important. We spend some time discussing this in trainings. The Euro has been having some great moves and has become a big part of my trading plan. It seems to have 3 separate lives each day, which is great if you are in a time zone that didn't have that kind of action before.

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  1. Hi EL, I know that this blog is specifically about day trading, but I was curious to know what kind of investment strategy you use for your money (I presume that the part you use for your day trading activity is just a fraction of that).

    Do you use any form of market timing based on the price action in larger time frames?
    Thanks. -J