Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Highlander

Today there was only one and one was all that I needed.

Once it was clear that the Gap trade was not on in the DAX, it was easy to get on board. The trick was to stay on board and I did that thanks to my friend, the one and only, Fib number I use (the 127 for those new blog readers). I did scale out there but, as you can see at the blue and red lines, the market pulled back and let a few stragglers get on board and then left the station with a full head of steam which Connor Macleod would have been proud of.

This was an anti-Gap trade. When I can see that it's not doing what I was first looking for, I look for what else can be happening - order flow. The trade was good for more than 45 points, 1125 Euros per contract, and it was easy. A Highlander trade.


  1. When the DAX pays it pays big

  2. Anon 18:10, Yes, but that's only a small part of any picture and is subject to context.

  3. For 1.125 Euros you can get a really good MIELE, washing machine :))) Per contract!