Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I hate daylight savings change over week

There are a number of times during the year that I get really peeved and this week is one of them - the week when Europe has pushed the clocks back but the U.S. hasn't. It's my Market Profile charts. I am sure there is a setting in MarketDelta to compensate for this madness, but I forgot to ask Kiki before she went back to London. I have had my computers on UK time ever since I moved to London about 30 years ago. When I'm in France they are still on London time.

I am now thinking of making a radical change to put all the PCs onto New York time to solve this problem, as adjusting European charts is a smaller mountain to climb. But then all the timing on my Flobot signals has to be changed too and that's another issue.

The other time I hate is rollover day. It used to be the day that I always lost money. I sat down one week-end and worked out what I was doing differently on these days to solve the problem. It's not as bad now as it used to be, but I still have to make adjustments on that day as the volume is different because positions are rolled into the new front month.

I woke up ready to see the S and P, as I was expecting the U.S. election result that happened. Mrs. EL, who is American, is feeling really sad about the mess there, but the U.S. has survived a lot and has always come out on top. There was a delayed reaction in the S and P and it wasn't until about 14:41 (London time) that I could sell it. The pic is below. I'm still short some and have a free ride now.

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