Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Two Gaps a Day

....Makes EL a happy trader.

The chart on the left below is the ESTX50 future and the right is the ES RTH Profile. The first chart starts at 7am London time while the ES starts 7 1/2 hours later. But look at history repeating itself.

In both cases the market opened above the previous day's profile, found resistance - a line I drew before trading began - and failed there, giving a wonderful ride down.

These are trades that can be played many ways in terms of trade management. There were enough re-entries using the range bar charts to allow you to ride the move, providing an above average green day. Double Gaps don't happen many times a month but when they do it's useful to take advantage of them, as they will lift your Average Trade size which is important for your stats.

Again, a vision is important, even if it's wrong. If what you expect to happen doesn't, that tells you a lot.

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