Monday, 28 February 2011

Not a Leap

No, it's not a leap year this year and here we are at the end of February.

The ES liked the VAL of Friday's RTH and that's what I started with, trading towards the gap close.

The market just popped during London's mid morning and I had to re-write my vision. After that there were a couple more trades, as you can see from the chart, until a short when the RTH morning's top was made. Flo did her bit in keeping me on the right side of the trades. It's not for nothing that there is the saying "Go with the Flo!"


  1. Hello Tom, Would be interested to know what Flo or you would have made today on the 6E, as it was nothing but sideways all day long.
    Have a good evening. Marc.

  2. Anon 17:58, Only the broker made money in the 6E today. There were 26 trades until now and $62.50/contract was the result. Green but barely. I expected worse when I tallied the trades.

  3. If you were patient you got some of this. The destination target was 1.3775(VAH on Fridays MP) and it came within 3. I took two of these trades.