Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thoughts of the ES

The Profile has been interesting. Pushes down, but closing at the highs and then more failure. Looks like people can't believe what is happening. I've been short long term on this market using my option strategy and have been paid well, but will there be a bigger drop if reality sets in?

Working the ES with Flo is continuing to be a profitable enterprise. I find that I'm leaving Flo on auto a lot of the time as I just don't have the focus and energy to sit there from 7am London until 9pm. It's too long a day. I'm still tossing ideas around on whether it is better to trade bigger for shorter hours. I am coming to the conclusion that I should manually override when I am sitting there but that I should let Flo trade solo when I'm not, as the activity in the markets doesn't always align with my clock and there are some great moves that appear at any time of day. Volatility just bursts and then Mr Newton's Law takes over and Flo does her thing. Stopping trading at a daily profit target seems to be wasting a good day. Still not sure about this.

Kiki and I are working on these ideas together over Easter and beyond and I'll report more if there are any useful conclusions we can share.

Today's ES was fairly straight forward. The pic shows the day.


  1. The TS charts look the best.

    Are you using the TS platform for FLO?

  2. Tom, On today's chart, what are the 2 CCI's set at? Look more pronounced with the 5 range bars. Thanks, Gary

  3. Just curious as to why your preference to trade ES and the Euro for the most part? I prefer to utilize the ES as more of a swing trade instrument because of the lack of volatility and prefer to intra-day trade Crude Oil. Is it a volume issue? Size issue?


  4. PB, it's both liquidity - I'm a small part of the bid/ask, smoothness of trading and it's usually easy to make money.