Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pat Cash needs lessons too

I was watching the tennis piece that CNN runs with Pat Cash, ex Wimbledon champ, as presenter. Pat's an Aussie too and I used to enjoy watching him play. I still remember him climbing into the crowd to get to his family when he won Wimbledon. My all time tennis favorite though has to be John McEnroe.

Anyway, the reason for mentioning him is that he was doing his CNN program talking about clay court tennis and in one segment he had another ex champion teaching him how to better play on clay. Even champions need continuing education. Trading is something that most of us can get better at. Better technique is usually what we are after when we have reached CP. New ideas are another. Whether it's a course, or a new book or talking to good traders, it's important to keep on studying the markets and not get complacent in our success. The moment I do, the market teaches me that I'm not that smart. And so it should.

I traded a few markets with Flo today. The London morning was where the money was for me. See the Euro Dow 50 pic. When the ES opened in RTH, price was so far from value that activty was locked. As we approach NY lunchtime, buyers and sellers are still facing each other with their pistols in their holsters. I'll leave Flo to work while I'm headed outside with Mrs EL and a glass of wine.

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  1. Cash ... that brings back memories, as I was there in the nose bleed section of the center court. It was touching to see him scramble to reach his dad, while Lendl looked crest-fallen, so close, yet unreachable. Is there a trading lesson there? He had reached CP in spades, but yet technique (serve and volley) not refined enough for that market (grass). Fortunately age is not a barrier in trading, as it is in pro tennis.