Thursday, 21 April 2011

Winding down to a long weekend

The ES bounced down from a major resistance this morning in London as we go into the long week-end. The U.K. has a 4 day week-end, as does most Euro countries so Monday will be quiet unless..............

I was a bit long ES during it's trip into the resistance and then short against it the first time, although there were not a lot of points in either trade. Yesterday I tweeted the two resistance areas. The first one held yesterday during RTH but broke during my night. Some good trades for my friends in Oz.

Mid morning I quit as the sun was shining and I had to talk to the gardener, who wants to cut some dead trees down. Not a big issue as we have a couple hundred trees and are planting more, but I enjoy the process of looking after the property. It was here long before I was and will be here long after I'm gone. 

One particular tree that we have to cut down is the favourite of a woodpecker, but it's in an area where it could fall on someone if there is a big wind, so sadly woody will have to find a new tree. We just love the sound of him tapping away.

The afternoon in the ES was not too interesting, the market trading between the two tweeted areas.

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  1. Tom, thanks for the post; wishing you and family a Joyful Easter Holiday! Would love to see some market videos again during trading hrs.\\those are most helpful. Best Regards!