Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday On My Mind

The trading environment is hotting up. Volatility is increasing. These are pretty tough markets to trade if you are looking for a trend. Lots of positioning by the big guys trying to second guess the outcome of both the U.S. and European problems.

This credit rating is a real red herring. Credit ratings change when someone can't pay. The U.S. is not in that situation. It can pay. Printing more dollars has not been an issue since 1970. Just look at the exchange rate between the $US and the SFr. It's not even a "won't pay" situation. It's just a bunch of people with their own agendas who may end up not allowing the U.S. to pay, having a huge impact on many people all over the world. If they screw this up, the impact on America will be huge.

One thing I know for sure, it won't turn out as expected by most of us. The market will do its job.

Lots of opportunities in the Euro today, as usual.


  1. Your trading charts are the most educational I've seen anywhere. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    When do you use Range Bars and when do you use Renko Bars? Recently you seem to be switching back and forth between them. Does it depend on volatility?

  2. Anon 17:00, I like the range bars better because they backtest more correctly. The renkos don't have wicks so stops are not properly backtested, although the charts get rid of a lot of noise.