Monday, 1 August 2011

Is it Is or Is it Ain't?

Well, there's a deal in the U.S. Why don't I feel as if everything is settled now? I still see a shoe in the air that will drop when people least expect it.

Looking at today's action- Flo took the first trade long, a loser, and then found that the trend was down. Today is a good example of why using an algo, at least for entries, is the way to go. Quick trade recognition and instant trade execution. Not a lot of thinking needed. Trades get executed in accordance with my TP. Flo can change her mind on direction in the blink of an eye. I can still add trades manually and I get out of any trades I don't like.

The big green arrow show where I finally exited the trades. I used Flo's exits for scaling out. With chart trading, it's very easy to move orders around to suit the context.


  1. I see some punk designer hacked your site. If you were in your teens and font challenged maybe it would work but this is way off brand.. suggest you blame it on Flo change it back before anyone notices.

  2. Glenn, we're in the middle of some site changes as there is some interesting new stuff coming.