Monday, 5 September 2011

Budapest and a Great Story

I've brought the clan for a week's holiday in Budapest, Hungary. Last break before the run to the end of the year. Volatility should be awesome.

We arrived Saturday.  The city is divided into two: Buda and Pest and there are many bridges that cross backwards and forwards joining the two sides. Lots to see, thermal baths built by the Romans and Turks in bygone days and the best food in Europe. I'm trading a couple/few hours a day while we are here so the posts will continue.

I have to share an email I received last week. I get similar ones every few weeks. My premise when I started this blog was that I could teach almost everyone to trade profitably. The constraints were that they did the required work in the way I prescribed and that their financial condition was such that they did not have an issue with risking their account money trading and could live off other income until they perfected their craft in SIM.

The guy whose email I am reproducing below supports that premise. I want to emphasise that he is the one who deserves all the kudos. It was he that did the work. No mentoring from me apart from 500+ posts on the blog. My reply at the end of his email says it all.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your blog. I have been following your blog for a good year now and I have put in the many hours to read and re- read everything you have posted. I find the information you provide of great value. Allthough that many people may believe it is all about the indicators or charts, I see the bigger picture what you are saying and I have adapted the same vision. That was the final piece I needed in my search for over more then 15 years to get to consistent profitability... Now I finally have reached that point... I hope I can do the same for other people in the future but I wanted to thank you for sharing.

       (name and address supplied)

My reply:

Hi Xxxx

Thanks for the mail. I love getting these. It’s a big kick for me even though it was you doing the work. I'm going to post it after deleting your name as an inspiration for other who are still on the road to CP. When people see others do it, it helps them get the motivation to do what needs to be done.

You have a great life ahead of you in the best business in the world, but you know that.



LAST FRIDAY: I tweeted the bounce off the 26 August VAH @ 1179.75ish as it was happening in the ES. Glad to see that the crowd was watching (see the time stamps - London time):
  1. verniman
    $ES_F: Bearish. Res 1187. Breakout Sell Pattern below 1179.75 Targets 1175 (Gap Unfilled) 1169 (61.8 Confluence)
  2. Avatar
    $ES_F: Bearish. 1181.25 Target Hit. Expect a bounce to 1200 or a drop to 1175.25 (Gap Unfilled) 1170 (Fib 61.8 Retrace)
  3. Avatar
    $ES_F We just bounced off VAH of 26 Aug. Watch out below if it breaks convincingly with order flow

    Information moves at the speed of thought. How I love this technology.

    But it's the trade that counts, not the call. Instant trade recognition and Instant trade execution is what is required.

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