Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chinese Terracotta Army

In London, it was impossible to get tickets to see the Terracotta Army. Here in Budapest I could reach out and touch them, if touching had been permitted. The photo below shows how close we were.

The first emperor of China was buried and he was buried with his terracota army. In fact, about 200 hundred of his real soldiers were killed and buried with him to help him on his way to the then Chinese equivalent of  "heaven".

I can't help but see similarities between the discipline of the terracota soldiers and the discipline and regimentation needed to successfully day trade the markets. We need the same systematic routines repeated every day that the Chinese army of Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor, had in order to successfully conquer and unite all of China.

We had cakes at Gerbeaux, the famous Budapest "cukrazda". There are a few famous food palaces that I love in the world, including Demel in Vienna and Maxim's in Paris.

The stock markets are continuing their realignment, as I have discussed a number of times. This run to the end of the year continues to provide lots of opportunity but requires that stops and targets be adjusted in line with the volatility at the time of the trade.

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  1. Really great post about discipline, thanks Tom!

    -Andrew B.