Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th

I had a great dinner at the Lahore Kebab House last night. Great food if you're a lover of Indian food like I am, and are ever in London. The main branch is in the East End of London, which has historically been the home of the largest group of immigrants at any one time. At the moment it's Indians and Pakistanis. 50 years ago it was the Jews and there are still some remnants of Bagel houses and a couple of Kosher restaurants there, which I also love.

The pic below shows the last part of yesterday's Light Crude trades by Flo. The exits in autotrading can be improved considerably by using market action as revealed by the math of indicators rather than just straight dollar stops and targets. By making the exits more dynamic it's possible to capture more of the move, if that is what you want. This is different to more HF trading, which only looks for the setup and captures a set amount counting on an extremely high win rate. It all goes back to designing the algo to fit your goals.


  1. EL, I continue to trade SIM and the quest for CP provides daily ah, ah moments. This week was all about, to paraphrase, "A picture is worth a $1000." You often talk about the importance of the picture, and my last 10 trades were almost the identical picture and resulted in 8 winning trades in the Euro, each a 5 tick winner on a 2 lot, thus my $1000. The 2 losers were a total of $125 on trades that saw the picture change. Once again I thank you for your help and hope the posts continue.
    Best Regards,