Thursday, 12 January 2012

Go Flo

Flo worked while I played. I'm liking this style of trading more and more. As long as Flo can keep making more than I can spend, she'll be right, mate!

Light Crude is one of Flo's favourite markets. Actually, she has a lot of favourites: those that pay her to play. As for me, I flew into London, picked up my new car and went to visit my Mother. Tomorrow, will be Lunch with Mum and then dinner with a couple of my favourite women, Kiki and Candace, at a great Chinese restaurant near Elephant and Castle. Luckily, I get to eat more Chinese food on Saturday when I catch up with a mate in London's China town. Reminds me, it's getting close to that time of the year when we wish Kung Hei Fat Choi.

The chart below is pure Flo and only shows part of her lovely day.


  1. Good Job EL.

    I understand that your bot trades different markets everyday.

    May I ask you if you have a fixed rule or use some discretion with regards to the market traded everyday ?

    Also what kind of profit targets do you prefer for these trend following intra-day algos:
    - Fixed (adjusted to volatility)
    - Trailing
    - Time stop

    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge through this blog.


  2. Are you using fixed $ profit targets or some multiple of the prior swing high like a fib, etc.??

  3. You want to check out Royal China when in London - they have a few restaurants - one in Putney near your drum in Wimbledon (if I remember correctly).

    If you want to go down memory lane, then Imperial City which is on the Cornhill side of the Royal Exchange in the City is also excellent, but I dont know if it will be open at the weekend.

    Happy scoffing!!


  4. Does Flo perform better (actual results) with range bars or renko bars? How about when you trade directly on your own without Flo? Do you perform better with range or renko?

    Great charts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. EL, is there some criterea that you use for deciding whether to use Renko or Range bars, you seem to go back and forth in their use. They give a different picture and was wondering how to choose which to use under what circumstances.

  6. Anon 01:18, Range bars are much easier to use in an algo. Renko bars backtest results can be unreliable due to the fact that the algo doesn't see the wicks - the real high and low of a bar. This means you may have been stopped out in a trade or you may have achieved a target. Using renkos in an algo requires backtesting using range bars and then fitting the algo to the renko. Quite complicated.
    Unknown, renkos are cleaner charts for discretionary trading. They combine the benefits of P&F and bar charting. Issue is whether or not to wait for a bar to close.