Friday, 10 February 2012

And So It Goes, Again

My comments about the Greek situation yesterday seem to be what the markets now seem to believe too. The transition will continue to feature volatility changes and reaction and re-reaction to news as it both comes out and is then assessed. Opportunity for us all.

I've been looking at sharing what I am doing both intraday and interday. The interday is progressing - more info as we finalise things - but the intraday has a technology issue: the ability to get a Tweet into the Tweetosphere on a live basis. Candace Tweets the blog's posting every day and there are times when the Tweet stream is full and she has to wait. We're looking for a solution so that the tweets are as close to live as possible, as I definitely want to do this and want people to be able to follow along in real time. More info to come.

DAX today was weak from the open. It was "for sale" all morning and if you look at the Market profile you can see how it slid down a two TPO zipper. There was just no volume to hold it. After one attempt at consolidation, it was for sale again as the early risers from the U.S. started hitting it, I think, making a double distribution trend down.

The two EMAs were trending down as was the big CCI. Taking any short trade at the 33 EMA S/R area made money and recognising the trend down was not difficult.


  1. Tom,
    Have you tried tweetdeck? I'm looking forward to your "close to real-time tweets" to see how close I am to your entries...

  2. There are many who tweet their trades live, there are no problems with that whatsoever. You can use a desktop app like Tweetdeck or MetroTwit and you followers get the message instantly. dont over complicate it...

  3. Anon 02:43 Just like anything else, testing is important. Tweets have to be a product of putting the trade on, not an afterthought and need to be non selective or forgotten.