Monday, 13 February 2012

Making Adjustments

As the volume of the markets falls, some adjustments are appropriate.

In the case of the ES, dropping the range bars to 0.75 points is one of the adjustments that can be made. I bear in mind that I am looking to identify the trend and trade the pullback to that trend.

As you can see from the ES chart below, there's still money to be made in the ES but not as much as before unless I increase size and go for tighter targets. Some people like the rhythm of the ES and the speed with which it trades. Others want more volatility and would move to a different market.


  1. I've switched to a different type of range bar called a Momentum it at Big Mike's and am using the 3 range on it for ES. Works quite well!

  2. I'm using the .75 renko bar. The ES market is slow, but there's still 2-3 opportunities each day.