Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Patience Pays

I was trading around a bit all morning. DAX, Crude and a little bite at the Euro. I then had a longer lunch and packed the car as we are driving up to London for a bit.

After lunch, the Euro broke. I didn't catch the down draft as I wasn't paying enough attention, but I did catch the move after the pullback. And joining the trend after the pullback is my basic business.

No post tomorrow as I'm off line. I'm running my longer term trades and can check these with my iPad. We are progressing with working out how to show these trades before I place my orders with the brokers. Should make it more interesting being able to watch in real time.


  1. Thanks as always, EL. Looks like you're using a 5-tick range bar in OHLC format, correct?

    Any particular reason for switching from candlesticks to that?


  2. Dave, I vary the bar size with volatility now adays. The markets get quite patchy. Sometimes a bit more noise can be good. I see the same from the bars as I do from the candles and the charts just look simpler.

  3. Hello,

    I've followed your blog almost from the beginning and it has helped a great deal.

    On the second sell trade the 40 CCI was on the way up, but the 6 CCI was oversold two bars back. Do you disregard the 40 CCI when the EMS tells you to sell?

    I know you shy away from talking about specific setups, just wanted to know what your overall opinion is.


  4. EL, with regards to checking longer term positions, which app do you use on your ipad?

  5. dVL, the second sell was after the divergence took price back to the EMA. I'll trade the first touch nearly every time.

  6. Alex, I use the logmein app tp connect to my VPS

    could be considered as two candles LIO?

    podrian considerarse estas dos velas como LIO?