Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Everything was Up This Morning

I was spoiled for choice this morning (London time). We had nice moves up in DAX, Euro and Crude. The charts all had a similarity. I've included 3 minute charts for each. No matter which market you were looking at, the opportunity really jumped out at you today.


  1. Hi EL,

    Thanks again for all of the helpful insights.

    Two questions:

    - I see that you're using eSignal from time to time. What do you like about it vs. other products?

    - I've begun working with MultiCharts, and see that the 'bar magnifier' (which enables backtesting inside bars using tick data) does not work on Renko charts. Do you find this to be a problem?



    1. We have eSig, TradeStation, MultiCharts etc and I post charts from whatever computer is free. My choice is MultiCharts as it has everything I need except MarketProfile and I run that on Ninjatrader at the moment. Backtesting is an art mot a science and I backtest based on market activity not numbers so it's not such an issue. I use the Renkos with wicks.