Thursday, 19 April 2012


The data centre where my VPS is hosted was the subject of a Denial of Service (DoS) attack yesterday. At about 7.30pm London time I lost connectivity to my Cloud. Support was on the case and I was told what was happening and flattened my positions using my direct connectivity. I don't understand the benefit to the attacker unless he's trying to damage a competitor. I didn't have access to my usual charting environment. Flo shut down as connectivity was lost and I manually closed out her positions. My longer term positions remained unaffected. I had made my option adjustments much earlier.

Today's open was going to be stronger in the indices due to the strange sell day yesterday and the overnight strength in Asia. There was an easy trade in the DAX on a pullback just after the early Eurex open. The second trade paid off when the Spanish bond auction results came out. Both trades went into the Fav Fib areas. I didn't trade the shorts out of those areas although I often do, mainly during the U.S. RTH when there is more activity and quicker gratification. The orange coloured "X"s are the exits.

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