Monday, 18 June 2012

The Euro Had to be SOLD!

The Greeks have spoken, but I don't think that anything has really changed. I saw the results last night on CNN and thought that the market would be firm on the open today in London but realised that nothing has changed and that the ask was that the guy who won the Greek election last May had won it again yesterday. He has the same task he failed on in May: to create a government. I don't think it can successfully happen.

So I sold the Euro future at 1.2712. Still short at the time of writing as you can see in the pic. Covered a little at OverSold 1.2630ish. If it doesn't slip more, I'll add an option position to my swing trades. You'll see it in the Options Blog tomorrow if it happens.


  1. jenrique42
    I can not believe this has been my trade in 6E, short in 2706, almost identical to yours jajajajajajajajajajaaj

    though truth be told I have something to do precipitate the trade, so I suffered something, while doing the trade

    no me lo puedo creer, esta ha sido mi trade en el 6E, corto en 2706, casi identica a la suya jajajajajajajajajajaaj

    aunque la verdad sea dicha me he precipitado algo en hacer el trade, por lo que he sufrido algo, mientras se realizaba el trade