Friday, 15 June 2012

Renkos are Fixed

MultiCharts have fixed the Renko bars in the Release candidate of V8. It's pretty awesome software now and a long way from when it first started and I bought in. Whether you are a discretionary trader or an auto trader, it can't be beat. Lots of data choices and brokers. You can get a 30 day free trial. Go to the link at the page tab of the blog to buy, as it supports the blog.

Today's DAX was just up. I traded the pullbacks near the 33EMA. Can't be much easier than this.

Either some big hands know something I don't about the Greek elections or there are people who have no fear. If I were Greek I would vote to push back on austerity and play chicken with the Germans. If that happens, I don't know whether it's bullish or bearish for the stock markets. I think it makes uncertainty for the Euro. In any case, as day traders we will be flat. My swing options trades will stay on, but with greatly reduced size.


  1. Hello Boss,

    Renko's are a different animal then Range. Any chance you could do a post on how you initiate a trade. (Plan)


    1. Hi Rino, sure. Have a look at Monday. I keep it really simple so I don't confuse myself.