Thursday, 23 August 2012

Déjà Vu

These patterns just keep on repeating. 

Market opens gap up. I wait for a pullback to support and then buy the pullbacks.  My FavFib makes a good target.

These lower volume markets need some adjustments to periodicities at times. The 1 minute chart can be useful in the early morning for the DAX.


  1. jenrique42

    If you had some patience, I would have been short on the area of 70 and would have been the trade of the day


    si hubieses tenido algo de paciencia, te habria dado corto sobre la zona de los 70 y habria sido el trade del dia

  2. On this chart you are focussing on long entries. The moving averages support this, but surely this is only because they have been distorted by the overnight gap? The market is sideways, rather than rising. Do you normally include overnight session data when charting, or just use cash-session data?

  3. Anon 00:45. Yes to the EMAs but we were way above them too and when we touched them they became support. I use the whole market for DAX but for the ES, for U.S. markets I use BOTH RTH and ETH as each Profile shows something different.

  4. That makes sense - thanks for the reply!