Wednesday, 22 August 2012

No Brainer Today

Today's trade was a no brainer. There were a lot of longs caught in Europe and they had to head for the exits this morning. All I had to do was sell the VAL around 7066.0  This area coincided with resistance at the 33EMA on my bar chart.

Covering on the way down was at the logical VA and extremes. Still a little short as I write. I'll probably run out of bullets before the down move is over.


  1. jenrique42

    my proposal for this afternoon, this morning was successful entry, the afternoon but still not what I see subira the dax


    mi propuesta para esta tarde, esta mañana se ha realizado con exito la entrada, la de la tarde todavia no pero por lo que veo subira el dax

  2. jenrique42

    trade a good day if you can live with this, but two is better still


    con un buen trade al dia SI se puede vivir de esto, pero con dos, es mejor todavia

  3. Hello Boss,

    Thanks for posting MP charts. Good reminder of context importance in discretionary trading.