Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Before ES RTH 19 September - Early Post

This pic is at the close of Tuesday, yesterday. The purple line in the sand was drawn in before the market opened on Tuesday. It held all day and allowed trades off that area using the bar chart for confirmation.

The reason I'm posting this pic is to show what we have for today - a nice road map to start the day. We can open either inside or outside Tuesday's VA. My trades today will be to trade off the VAH and VAL. These points will give me pretty tight support and resistance. If you're interested, follow up what happened after the close today and see how well these work.


  1. Cool, Stuff works! Today I traded Market Profile context first using the bar chart second. Is this correct?

  2. Hersh, I would call it choosing where I trade using MarketProfile. So yes, look at the Profile first so you know where the hi prob trades are.

  3. jenrique42

    E.L. , Why do not you put a chat on your blog? could be a good thing for us to exchange ideas and talk about the system


    E.L. , por que no pones un chat en tu blog? podria ser algo positivo, para que nosotros podamos intercambiar ideas y charlar sobre el sistema

  4. jenrique42

    hoy hay subasta de deuda por aqui, veremos como evoluciona, pero creo que habra una lateral para luego subir

  5. jenrique42, I really don't like chats. They are too distracting for me.