Thursday, 20 September 2012

Context Tells All

It's the context that counts. That's why a discretionary trader can have a high win rate. I trade the context and use the bar chart to time the entries.

Today's chart is the Profile of the DAX today. Price opened just inside VA but fell out immediately. That was the first trade and there was a nice target of the VAL of that split distribution. This not only a target but a probability.

Trading the bounce off that target could be the second trade at 25% of size but is a hard trade to make if you have a "down" mindset so it's not a trade to make early in a CP career.

Next, price is ACCEPTED in the VA. The pullback to the VAL in "G" period is the entry point. First target is just before the TPOs  widen at about 7377, next is the POC and then VAH. This is a clear laid out road map to trade using a bar chart for timing. The CCIs show the pullbacks and trend very clearly.


  1. Thanks for the Value's of great value!

  2. Why you didn't split the yesterday's profile and you have used the VA of all day ?


  3. Daniele, I did look at splitting it as I usually do but the whole day looked like one distribution to me. No real new beggining. But this is not a science.

  4. Hello Boss,

    Its been a while since you did a video.
    Would be nice to have one on you splitting
    the profile. A dialog of your thinking
    of where and why would be great.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Hey EL,

    Can you start posting charts with the renko bars on them again? Your volume profile chart is hard to read and I'm having troubles following what you're saying from that alone.