Friday, 14 September 2012

Location, Location and Location!

I'm writing this blog post while waiting for the Apple store website to reopen with the new iPhone 5. Looks like I'll use the iPhone in France and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the UK and elsewhere. I've also see the new laptops that come with an Intel i7 chip and have a removable screen that becomes a tablet. Both Dell and Vaio have them. I'm sure that other manufacturers have one also. It will be hard to make a decision on which one to choose. I'm upgrading all my portable hardware in the 4th quarter this year. Lots of travelling planned for next year. I can keep working and mentoring students on the go. Love this tech.

Today's example shows that trading a plan is what it takes. Just look at the wonderful fit between the Profile and the bar chart. There's a couple of different periodicities of the CCIs just to show that it doesn't really matter a lot which you use as long as you can see the trend.


  1. Hi Tom, enjoying the blog greatly, thanks.

    For a while every post was about FloBot & algos. You've not mentioned them for a while now. Any problems or updates? Or are they just doing their thing and you're letting them get on with it?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi David, Flo is going well. There are a number of versions of her. I get bored writing about the same stuff and have been concentrating on Profile stuff in recent posts.

  3. jenrique 42

    my trades today
    in euro

    and the dax
    I maybe in this trade has precipitated a bit at the entrance, but saw the result was a good idea, I stirred a prune the situation, but eventually straightened

    PD-EL you do when you have no references in context of the situation?

    jenrique 42

    mis trades de hoy
    en el euro

    y en el dax
    en este trade quizas me haya precipitado un poco en la entrada, pero visto el resultado la idea era buena, se me revolvio un podo la situacion, pero al final se enderezo

    P.D.- EL que haces cuando no tienes referencias en cuanto al contexto de la situacion?

  4. jenrique, I always know where I am in the trade either from the MP or the EMAs.