Thursday, 13 September 2012


The ES opened the RTH session in the middle of value. My bar chart showed trend was UP.

The trade was to BUY VAL and sell VAH.

I bought 1435.75 and managed to sell the high you see on the chart - 1437.75. This is a trade I do every time it's available to me.


  1. I mainly trade oil, and after looking at about 6 months of ES charts using market profile goggles, I want to immediately start looking at oil with those goggles on. My main question as it relates to oil is what to use the hours? Would you recommend a 24 hour session? or 8am - 1:30pm Central, open outcry hours? Any other thoughts on oil profile versus an index future?

    Thank you much -

  2. JMF3, With oil, I'd split the previous days' 24 hour Profiles into distributions rather than use a particular time. That way you'll catch the correct info. eg, Wednesday's often have a new distribution starting from the time the numbers are out.

  3. Thank you for the response - and great point about oil, appreciate the advice-