Thursday, 27 September 2012

Market Profile Rocks!

If there was anything that was invented for day traders that makes a real difference, it was Market profile. Thanks again, Pete. It just tells me exactly where I am in the market. Learning how to use it is really worthwhile, even though there is little educational material in the public domain that is worth much.

Today's DAX chart shows today, so far. The pic was taken just after noon, London time.  It's magic. The low was held by yesterday's POC. The high was held by the VAH of the first distribution of 09/26. It's invisible until you do the split. Worth learning?


  1. Thanks EL.

    Why doesn't a VAH appear for the 9/26 distribution before the split? I would expect that it would be at a different price than after the split, but I don't see any VAH at all there before it.


    1. Dave, not sure what you mean as I see the VAHs - Pink brackets. If I misunderstood, email me with a pic explaining pls.