Friday, 28 September 2012

What's Better Than A Banana Split?

Yesterday's Market profile chart of the ES shows how clearly it's possible to spot order flow as value changes. The key is splitting the Profile into distributions. Apart from the "obvious" support and resistance, the Profile is talking to me and showing me what "they" are doing. Yesterday, whatever news was thrown at the market, "they" just kept on buying.

Traders tend not to use all the info there is the Profile. People somehow focus on the mechanics rather than what the Profile is showing in terms of underlying market activity.


  1. jenrique42

    my trades today

    1. -) In the euro
    This trade has been from the DPOC ---> DVAL, but then followed a little more, lol, what is interesting is the idea and context, I'll have more time to release the rope

    2. -) In the dax
    was supposed to be a good entry for the dax continue rallying but what they have done is put side all afternoon, and has more of a chance to get out at a profit, then each output select one you like


    mis trades de hoy

    1.-) en el euro
    este trade ha sido desde el DPOC ---> DVAL, pero luego ha seguido un poco mas, jejeje, lo interesante es la idea y el contexto, ya tendre tiempo para soltar mas la cuerda

    2.-) en el dax
    se suponia que era una buena entrada para que el dax siguiera subiendo, pero lo que han hecho es ponerlo lateral toda la tarde, y ha dado mas de una oportunidad de salir con beneficios, luego que cada uno elija la salida que mas le guste

  2. jenrique

    porque hay comentarios que no me publicas? no lo entiendo

    1. jenrique, they are there now. I've not looked at the comments and missed them.