Monday, 1 October 2012

Following the Flow

The DAX opened and rallied to the VAL of Friday's last distribution. My 2 minute bar chart showed that this was also the time for a short. I took the short at about 7233.5. Price then entered the VA and was accepted (2 rows of TPOs). I scratched the trade at the cost of commissions and went long as it re-entered the VA at about 7238.5. I exited half at VPOC around 7254.0 and looked to trade the balance up near the VAH at around 7264.0. The market co-operated and I exited the trade. I couldn't find a re-entry and watched the market go higher. But that's OK as I had stuck with my trading plan.

Markets may be even quieter this week as the various Asian countries have their Golden Week.

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  1. jenrique42

    my trade today
    - In euro

    - In the dax