Monday, 22 October 2012

Less Regular Posting

I started writing a book a few months ago and it's taking more time than I ever imagined, so after today my posts will no longer be daily ones. The working title of the book is:

Making Money With Market Profile™  
: An Actionable Guide To Using The Profile Every Day

Instead of short daily posts, I'll talk about specific trades in a bit more depth when I post and I'll also address specific subjects I think are important or answer questions from you that I think worth a post. The first of these new posts will be an answer to a comment/question last week-
What do you consider to be a reasonable yearly percentage return on account from daytrading alone (i.e. excluding income from your options trading etc) after commissions etc?
We tweet whenever there is a new post so use the button to join me on Twitter. You can also use a number of apps to convert the tweets into emails. But I guess you all know that.

The blog turned 3 years old last week and I have posted on virtually every trading day since. If you read the blog from the beginning, you can see all the pieces that go into becoming CP. There are over a thousand pictures and videos showing most of what I do. Many have used these resources to get to CP. Good work guys!

The Video training is still available. At the moment, I take a couple of traders at a time to mentor and I will continue to do that.  I still will respond to all my emails and all my former students will always be able to reach me for whatever they need.

Anyway, it's biz as usual, but we'll just talk about it a little less often.


  1. Awsome, always felt there was room for more decent market profile stuff.

  2. Looking forward to the book!

  3. The book is an excellent idea. Most MP books mostly discuss concepts, not actionable trading strategy. When will it be available?

  4. Yes, the key word is "actionable". I'm about 6 weeks into the project. I want it to be the last trading book that anybody ever needs. I'm shooting for early in the new year.

  5. jenrique42

    Today my operational
    today was a slow day and quite dense and I only had time to make a trade

    1. -) Http://

    with subsequent development

    As I mentioned in the previous post, this weekend I've had watching all trades in the first half of the test, about 200, at the end I have a 77% winners, but the most important thing for me is that in the second half of all these trades have improved since we had a 74% and in the second half of the runs with 80% of winners

    I hope to continue to improve in the second half of this test


    mi operativa de hoy
    hoy ha sido un dia bastante denso y lento y solamente me ha dado tiempo a realizar un trade


    con su desarrollo posterior

    como comente en el anterior post, el fin de semana me lo he pasado viendo todos los trades de la primera mitad de la prueba, unos 200, al final tengo un 77% de ganadores, pero lo mas importante para mi es que en la segunda mitad de todo estos trades he mejorado ya que tenia un 74% y en la segunda mitad la acabe con un 80% de ganadores

    espero seguir mejorando en la segunda mitad de esta prueba

  6. Sir,
    I have been reading your blog daily for past 3 years, watched your video presentations, printed first few hundred posts to have with me on trip overseas and generally I learned a lot.You have done truly amazing work and I am certainly looking forward to your book.
    Best wishes from Vancouver, BC,

  7. Looking forward to reading that book...

  8. jenrique42

    I have not done anything today, I have not had a chance to enter. The euro was on the side and has been so all the time I had to make some trade


    hoy no he hecho nada, no he tenido oportunidad de entrar. el euro estaba en un lateral y asi se ha quedado todo el tiempo que tenia para hacer algun trade