Friday, 19 October 2012

Quiet Europe

The market in Europe was very quiet in the morning today. Volumes are shrinking. It feels like a tennis ball at the top of it's bounce.

The game since I woke up today was to short around VAL and cover when order flow stalled. Not too hard but I only traded from the short side, a few ticks at a time. There's a nice gap below in the RTH chart and I'm hoping the price gets in there.


  1. jenrique42

    My operating today in the dax
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      and further development

    Today is a rather special day, I have finished half of the test of the 400 trades so far had not come so far in this test this weekend and get to see all the winning and losing trades to see how I go, I hope have a good ratio, we'll see


    mi operativa de hoy en el dax

    y su posterior desarrollo

    hoy es un dia un tanto especial, he acabado la mitad de la prueba de los 400 trades, hasta ahora no habia llegado tan lejos en esta prueba, y este fin de semana toca ver todos los trades ganadores y perdedores para ver como voy, espero tener un buen ratio, ya veremos

  2. Hi EL,

    I have a very general question not related to this post . . . What do you consider to be a reasonable yearly percentage return on account from daytrading alone (ie excluding income from your options trading etc) after commissions etc?


    1. Anon 00:05. A good question. I wrote a bit about this when the blog started but I moved the focus of the blog away from that to methodology. I think it's a good idea to revisit the subject and I'll post on that, probably Monday. It's a big subject.

    2. Many thanks - I read the blog daily, so I'll look forward to this when you have the opportunity to cover it.

      Kind regards.