Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pick Your Jib

I love sailing. I've had two boats of about 37 feet long. One crossed the Atlantic from Spain to the U.S. My happiest days were the days I bought them and the days I sold them and all the days in between.

One of the things you learn as a sailor is to pick the right jib ffor the wind. Just like that, I pick which "sail" Flo should use to trade a particular market on a particular day. There are three types of algos that I can choose from:
  • Trend day
  • Normal day
  • Sideways tighter range day
Picking the right algo improves my profitability. But I have to make sure that if I pick the wrong algo for the day - and this happens - that I'm still OK. So I test which algo works best on which type of day.

Today was clearly one that would start as a Trend day down. I picked my "jib" for trend and off she went.

This is what Flo did during the time I let her run. There is no law saying I have to leave Flo to trade 24x7. Picking a time of day to auto or hybrid trade is just as important as picking a time to trade as a discretionary trader.



  1. jenrique42

    you have the same setup for all future, or there are some more specific setups for a future for others?


    tienes los mismos setup para todos los futuros, o ,hay algunos setups mas especificos para unos futuros que para otros ?

  2. jenrique42, All the trading pictures are basically the same. There are inside out and outside in. The 33 and 99 emas are constant but I change the input for the big CCI to smooth out the trend. There are differences in bar types and sizes and this means that I need to change the big CCI. How do I do that. I just eyeball the CCI so that the real trend is evident.