Friday, 30 May 2014

Anyone Short?

This is my basic ES algo again using NinjaTrader and Bloodhound. As you can see, there were only LONG trades on this whole move up. The FloBot identified the trend and provided signals for entries on pullbacks. This can be traded manually, hybrid or fully auto. The mode that should be used depends on both a traders psychology and finances.

The issue is the EXITS. Finding these entries was not difficult. Avoiding short trades was also not difficult. Working out when to exit was harder. As a discretionary trader, I am VERY short term. I want to enter on the pullbacks and exit as soon as I'm far enough from the EMAs. As a FloBot trader, I need to increase the size of my average trade and so use dynamic exit criteria to keep me in the trend. This is where it starts to get more complicated.


  1. Thanks for all of the helpful information you publish here on the blog.

    Are the green vertical lines your entry points?

    Do you provide -- either free or paid -- your Bloodhound templates?

    1. Students of my FloBot course who are Bloodhound users get a bunch of BH scripts as part of the course.