Tuesday, 1 September 2015

ContextTrader: Scalping

Lots of opportunities in these volatile markets. Today's short video is a scalp trade with a 1 lot DAX that earns 100 euros jobbing in and out using my programmed buttons in ContextTrader. It was the second trade of the day. I have various context programmed into the buttons. I am watching a bar chart with indicators for context as well as my split Market Profile chart. I then arm the buttons to take trades in the context I want using order flow. This trade is one from a scalping trading plan. Its a 1 lot trade so that you can see what can be achieved with just 1 lot. The red/green button at the top of the chart allows me to change size on the fly.

The trading plan reflected in the video is trading just 1 contract in the DAX can produce many trades every day with targets of from 100 euros to 300 euros, again depending on context. I devised this trading plan for a student. DAX is a great market with a 2500 day trade margin it can produce 100% a day using the Context-Trader buttons and this trading plan. There is no magic although the trading plan requires the Context-Trader buttons to execute it correctly.


  1. Just confirming there is no audio for the video?

    1. No sound. I want post these ASAP after the trade.