Wednesday, 2 September 2015

DAX Trades this Morning

I was asked by a prospective student to show what trading can be done in a two and a half hour period trading just one lot so I thought I'd make it public. I started trading the DAX on the open and traded for two and a half hours with a coffee break part way through. The chart shows all the actual trades executed using real money and I've also added pictures showing the trades in my log and my P&L. The charts are and the log is from NinjaTrader. The trades were executed using my Context-Trader add-in and a scalping trading plan that I created.

The result was a profit of 812.50 euros (about $US900) less commission. If you look at the trades you'll see a number of double downs followed by scratches. This resulted in no losing sequences although a leg of the double down had a loss that was offset by the profit on the second leg.

This is fairly typical of this very short term trading plan. It can be done with increased size. I'll be trading the DAX afternoon U.S. RTH session for another 2 hours with my usual size.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the post. Nice return for a few hour work. I was just wondering what this context-trader you mention is?
    Also, how would it look today trading purely 1 lot? ie no double/triple downs


    1. Hi Ross

      I'll post a detailed answer tomorrow.

  2. Tom,

    Appreciate your recent posts (as always). Do you execute trades in NinjaTrader rather than directly from MultiCharts? If so, why?


    1. I execute trades in all three platforms - MC, NT and MD. depending on both broker and which version of Context-trader I'm using. I like the account keeping in Ninjatrader and I have dual broker logins where I can so I can look at my stats during the day in Ninja.