Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Leave it to Beaver

There was a very popular TV show when I was growing up about an American family. Beaver was the nickname of the younger son. I don't think I can remember what the title of the show had to do with what went on, except I think the show as about what Beaver did. Anyway, I'm back in London tomorrow until Sunday so I will be leaving my trading not to Beaver, but to Flo and her clones. I'll post charts and comments.

Today was another unremarkable day. When designing an algo, one of the criteria is the old saw: Do I want low volume and high markup or high volume and low markup? That is, do I want lots of trades with small profits or a few surer trades with higher profits per trade? Both ways can work. The chart below is a high win rate larger profit algo's trade this morning. This algo didn't trade the last couple of days. Today it did and hit the ball well. Sold 1.2768 and covered at 1.2727. That's $509/contract after commish. Do that on a few markets a couple of times a week and.....

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