Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sell Til Your Hands Bleed

On the Floor,we traded using hand signals. Of course, from that, a whole lot of sayings evolved. One of those when you were really selling a lot of size people talked about "selling til your hands bleed."

Today's pic shows my bar chart in it's latest incarnation. I keep finding some subtle new things in MarketDelta which makes the order flow clearer. The spreadsheet at the bottom is one such things. Coincidentally, a reader asked about this yesterday in a Comment and I'd added it a few days before.

The pic shows the topping of the market with the order flow and the FavFib. The Market Profile chart did not help as we had made a new high but I didn't need it as the chart was so clear.


  1. El, what is the tpo in the metric bar counting?

  2. "as the chart was so clear."

    looking forward to your book, because I find this chart quite hard to decipher!

    1. Yes, static pictures are hard to follow. The book is full of videos with the markets moving. I'm recording videos while I trade and then I'm doing a voice over to explain.